We are A Full service design firm that is unmatched in quality, service and speed.

It looks like you have chosen a builder who cares more than just building you a house, but actually wants to be part of helping you build your home, and we are here to serve and make your dream become a reality.  We will take all the time it needs to get to know you and learn what features and specifications that are important in a home to you.  If you have one, two or a dozen different floor plans that you like and have ideas from, share them with us and tell us what you like and dislike.  Then with a little direction, we can draw a preliminary custom floor plan for us to begin working/designing from.

Do you have a budget? No worries, that is one of the benefits of having a design build contract!  As we move forward with the design, we and the builder will be in close contact and make sure we are designing a floor plan that fits within such parameters.  If we design too big/much... no worries, we make the changes needed to get to the point where all parties are satisfied and move forward to the construction phase.

If you are better off than most of us and budget is not an issue, and you are building your dream and forever home, our services are perfect for you too.  We can show you every option imaginable to get that exact look and feel you have always wanted in a home and you will not have to wait till move-in day to know if you made the correct design decisions.

Either way, budget or none, we are here to provide an excellence of service that will be shocking in how easy and tailored it is to your needs.  We really do roll out the Virtual Red-Carpet for all of our partner's clients with a service that is unmatched in the industry.

Plus you have us throughout your entire project since you are working with one of our partners. If an HOA needs a irrigation plan to get past the board... We are here.  If the county needs an extra drawing or more notes of any sort... We are here.  Because we work so closely with our Builder Partners, when fires come up that we can help put out, we are there with the water (service) it needs to be extinguished.  We are here to serve and here throughout your entire project.

So please check out the rest our site and see what other features and services that are provided to you because you are a customer of one of our partners, and welcome to the VHD family.  If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime (morning, noon, night and weekend).

3D Design and Virtual Walk-throughs

There is no better way to design your new custom home than to see it before construction even begins.  With our 3D design service, we make it possible to ensure 100% satisfaction when it comes to designing and building your new home.

Before the design process is complete, with our service you will be able to see aerial footage of every angle of the outside of the projected project and also be able to virtually walk through the proposed floor plans before you make a final decision on exactly what you want built.

Nothing ensures guaranteed results like seeing the proposed plans with your own eyes before ground is broken and make the changes needed before the first hammer swings.

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We Accommodate your schedule

Not everyone can design their new custom home during regular normal business hours, some families cannot settle down together till late in the evening or on the weekends.  We accommodate those by making ourselves available morning, noon, night and weekend.  Whether something comes to your mind and you want to quickly share with us, or if we schedule an appointment to have a video conference on a Saturday morning, we will gladly accommodate our partner's clients schedule every time.

We set up a connection between the clients and ourselves through the social website "Google Hangouts" which will give the client a direct connection to the drafter working on their project.   Using this platform, we have the availability to make quick text message and easy access to multiple video conferencing, screen sharing and virtual walk-throughs throughout the design process.


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Fast and unlimited changes

Because we work exclusively with the clients of our builder partners, we are able to ensure fast turnarounds from start to finish.  From getting started with your custom design today to making (possible) emergency changes in order to get permitting or satisfy a demand of an HOA tomorrow, we are able to guarantee a shockingly fast finish to your project.

We supply unlimited changes to all projects to ensure 100% satisfaction for all parties involved. Even if we are just showing you what different options would look like, we are here to show you all the options possible so you can accurately decide what you feel is best.  (ie, wall heights, roof pitch/design, size/shape of windows, etc)

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Design-Build agreements

If you found this website by accident we apologize that we cannot offer our services to you without you finding us through one of our select Builder Partners.  We conduct business in such a way to ensure that we always provide the best of service to our partner's clients, every time.

This translates into fast turnaround times and gives us time to adequately spend individually with every client we work with and focus on the (often overlooked) details that make a custom new home design and build GREAT.

We only focus on a few, so those few get the best service and home design money could buy, and you get such for free (included in your contract) for working with one of our select Builder Partners.

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Complete Materials List Of What Is Drawn

Every drawing we create, we provide your builder with an accurate inventory of what will be needed to physically build what has been virtually drawn.  To ensure quick pricing and estimating of your proposed project, we will pass along such information to your builder for easy material price-checking and fast determining if the proposed project is within your particular budget.

Easy To Read House Plans

The software we use to design your custom home is literally building a virtual model of the proposed structure. Unlike regular CAD drawings, our 2D house plans are much more than lines and shapes.  So even the untrained eye can easily visualize the different features of the plans because our plans are without clutter and confusion.

We can zoom in on any part of the project to show the fine details of a particular section of the plans, this helps both for the design process in the office and to ensure correct and accurate construction in the field.

Our house plans are a step above the traditional plans most builders use, making the process for all involved easier and smoother communication, from your project's start to it's finish.

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