Our type of services SHOULD be the Industry Standard

We service our plans throughout your build. We will assist with getting our plans through any approval process that you may encounter (i.e. Engineering/Permitting/HOA Approval/etc.) getting across the finish line and at no additional cost because it is just part of our service. Every jurisdiction and/or HOA is different and has unique specifications and requirements and we will work closely with your builder to ensure approval where ever we are needed. Plus our software has an enormous amount of detail that can be accessed with just a few clicks, you or the builder will be able to ring us anytime to retrieve any specific information as needed. You and/or the builder will be able to use our blueprints to run the numbers and formulas to come up with the information you are looking for, OR you could give us a call and we can provide the same information immediately, you will be able to find the information either way, we just make it easier and faster.

Servicing the plans are not the same as redesigns. While we can redesign the plans as needed, IF we need to change the plans after the blueprints are completed, there is a small additional charge (hourly rate) for the extra work. As long as we are not changing the design of the project, again, we service the plans for free as you proceed through the permitting and construction process.

We follow your direction and help guide you in coming up with the perfect home design for your family that fits within your budget but that is not where our service ends. We stand behind our blueprints and assist with any possible future approval process every step of the way, when and however we can. Every jurisdiction is different and requires different drawings, notations and/details and have their own approval processes and we have worked through many of them with no problems at all. We will work closely and directly with your builder to ensure you build exactly what you want (within your budget) and will ensure your project/plans are able to get approved through any approval process you may need. When you use one of our Builder Partners, you have a team that will make sure your final house design and build is better than you could have expected!