This page is primarily for explaining why we do not provide our contact information

(If you were not directed to this website by one of our Builder Partners directly, then we are sorry to inform you that we do not offer our services to the general public or builders we do not have an existing relationship with.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but we will explain with better detail below.)


Virtual House Design is committed to quality, not trying to make a buck.  We have chosen to provide a niche market  for our partners, so that they can offer a product unmatched to most of the competitors in their area.  We only have possibly 3-4 Builder Partners within a 100 mile radius of where you are, and by your good blessings, you found one of them.

We are a small company in the panhandle of Florida but we service many states across the nation.  We know that there are no large firms that could provide such a mixture of technology, service and price and that if we limit our services to a select few in each pocket of a certain region, those few will have a little edge over other builders in their particular markets.

How do we initiate relationships with our Builder Partners?  We are glad you asked.  We have initiated the connections ourselves and inquire if they are interested.  But after a few projects, if there are hassles with the majority of them and seem to be not on the up and up, we will kindly ask them to look for a drafting service elsewhere and begin looking for another partner in the said geographic location.  So all that being said... If they are still working with Virtual House Design (VHD), they have proven themselves to be reputable to both the draftsmen and the clients.

We do NOT advertise who our Building Partners are, and here is why:  We may have a few builders in your area, some bigger and some smaller.  And we provide the same excellence of service to all, no matter how many projects one may run across our desk in a month.  Everybody gets special treatment and none above the rest, all of our Builder Partners are equal to us no matter their size.

We do not get in the middle of our partners local competition by any means whatsoever.  It is our policy to NOT recommend builders to any clients at any time, no matter the reason.  If by chance you want to terminate the contract with our partner and you find another builder in your geographic location that is also our partner, then so be it.  But if one of our Builder Partners sent you to us, please do us all a favor and don't even ask what other builders we have relationships with in your location, we simply will not tell you.

And again... if we have enough of these issues arise with a particular builder, we discontinue our relationship with the said builder to ensure those we work with are as focused on service and guaranteeing customer satisfaction to their clients as much as we are. We find in doing so, we can make every project we are part of more pleasant for all involved.