Fast and Unlimited

If you have never built a home before, especially a custom design, you may not know it but the draftsmen time factor usually plays a role in scheduling construction and meeting that schedule.  Because we work exclusively with our Builder Partners and do not accept jobs from general homeowners or other contractors, we are always ready to work on your project and get what needs to be done, DONE.

From the "Getting Started" point of the design process, to the Certificate of Occupancy (what you get from the County when they say the permit can be closed.  aka, right before move-in), we are here to serve and focus on your project (and few others at any given time).  Where others say: "Weeks"...  We say: "Days".  Where others say: "Days"... We say "Hours".  Other companies cannot provide the turnaround times we do because they are chasing after the Almighty Dollar and we at VHD are chasing after 100% satisfaction for our partner's clients.  Others try to fit in every job they can, even if it means making everyone wait extra time.  We only work with a select few builders and are always available for prompt and accurate drafting service.  Having such speed at your disposal, you will be happy you chose our partner to be your builder!

When are you ready to start your design? We are ready now, give us a call at your nearest convenience.

Unlimited changes to your design


Trying to come up with the perfect design can be difficult at times, especially when it comes to property set-backs and budget issues.  That is why we offer unlimited changes to the house plans throughout the design process.  For any reason whatsoever, even if it is you just do not like a wall in a certain position "just because", we will gladly make such changes to ensure you build exactly the home you've been dreaming of.  If revisions are needed after the design process and construction drawings have already been completed, then there will be an hourly rate applied to those said additional hours.

We also understand that by the very nature of the service we provide, that showing homeowners the 3D rendering of their proposed new construction, there will always be changes that someone will want to make after they see what it will look like.  That is why we are here, we are ready and willing to make any and all changes to ensure your 100% satisfaction of the entire project.  But trust us and your builder, it is much easier and you will be much happier (as well as your pocket book) if we see and make such changes before construction even begins.

This is yet another reason you will be extremely happy that you chose the builder that you did.