Even before construction begins, using 3D with your design process brings your plans to life in a way normal house plans just cannot compete.  Before we go to the permitting office with your plans, you will have seen images from all angles of the proposed new construction.  From aerial 360 fly-by's of the property from different distances and altitudes, to interior 360 spins in each room from different heights.  We will use our screen-sharing feature and also take you on live virtual walk-throughs of your future new home.

Your floor plan is what determines the size and different roof options you have at your disposal.  With the ability to make different interior walls as bearing walls, it also gives you a few more options, but with our 3D program, we can easily show you all the different options your floor plan provides so you can get the exact curb appeal you are looking for.  Plus seeing all of your options (Pitch, Edge and Material) in 3D makes it much easier to visualize the possibilities.

We will send you YouTube links to various simple animations of your project throughout the design process for easy sharing with family and friends to help get their advice or input on how the designing process is going and to add any suggestions they may have.

With us, we use the newest software and technology to ensure the designing and building of your new custom home can be completed with ease and without any hiccups.  Also, if you are interested, ask your builder how you can use our technology to help you see many different wall coverings, floor coverings and window treatments to help you come up with your own personal interior design tool.  We can even take actual real-world swatches/samples and import them into the model to see exactly how such materials would look in your new custom home.