Accommodate Schedule

We know that not everyone can sit down with a designer during regular business hours.  In order for people to be able to afford their new custom home, they need to be able to live their lives as normal as possible through the process.  Maybe you only have time to dedicate to the project during the weekends?  Or maybe it is best for your family to discuss such matters after dinner and the kids are in bed?  Whatever your family's schedule is, we make ourselves available to you whenever your best time is... morning, noon or night.  Our open availability is part of the Red-Carpet treatment you receive for choosing to build with one of our partners.

You can schedule an appointment or call us on a whim.  If we are not on the other line with another client or  getting much needed rest, we will gladly take your call and provide whatever drafting/design service necessary to move your project forward in a timely manner.

Your builder will provide you with our contact information once you folks come to an agreement and then you will be free to call, text or email anytime you are able/wish to begin the design process of your new custom home.  After that, we will set up a connection on a 3rd party platform and the details are provided below.


We use "Join Me" audio and video conferencing

We will use the "Join Me" platform to set up a direct link between you and your designer.  From this connection you will have the ability to connect anytime, as well as have as many video conference calls as needed till your design is complete and exactly what you want to build as your new home.  With using this platform, we are able to screen-share from our monitor to yours. Using  your own mouse as a pointer the Designer can see and independent zoom control for the users.  Using the video conferencing feature so freely, our design process is the most efficient and accurate method, making change orders and mistakes obsolete.

Setup to use the "Join Me" platform is free and easy,  Click the link below and then once on the Join Me website, click the download button and you'll be ready for our first meeting! We can walk you through setting it up and making it easy to find for future reference. It will be as easy as clicking a link from an email we send you... Simple!